Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Pails for Everyone

Do you enjoy hosting parties? Have you ever held a picnic party or a beach party for your friends or your kids? Here is an inexpensive idea to have a nicely decorated outdoor party.

Well, normally you don't excessively decorate the venue for your casual outdoor party. Unless it is a wedding or other life turning point celebrations, you unlikely over decorate the already beautiful mother nature. But the guests should be kept entertained and amused. And a little effort like giving away decorated food pails could be a great idea.

All you need are several 5 gallon pails, or smaller pails for children. Choose high quality pails that are FDA-approved, like our pails, so that they are safe to contain foods. Get some different colors of paint, and decorate the outer side of the pails with simple patterns; like polka dot, stripes, and if you have a little bit of drawing talent, draw something funny with your paint brush. Dry the pails properly.

Make sure that there is no smell of paint anymore on the pails. Then start adding baguette, pate, strawberry jam or muffins inside the pail. Make it as attractive as possible by slipping printed paper towels between the food and the syrup bottle, for example.

That's it. Pretty sure in the end of the party your guests will admire your creativity.

Other tips:

You can leave the pails unpainted, but instead put attractive inexpensive cloth or scarf around the pails. Or you can also use ribbons or patterned stickers.

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