Monday, December 6, 2010

Mobile Oil Pump System

A package of oil pump that could be interesting for you is the mobile oil pump system. With a complete dispensing system perfect for engine and gear oils, this might be the answer for a more effective work environment.

The system includes:
  • 3:1 pump
  • 12 feet of ½" hose with automatic non-drip tip
  • Drum trolley, strong and easy to use
  • Digital meter, extremely accurate with a trigger guard
  • 2 inch bung adapter
  • ¼ female air inlet
  • ¾" NPT fluid outlet

Since the oil pump system is prelubricated, you don't need to lubricate it again. It also maintains mist lubricators.
Also, the system enables the pump to work next to the drum, which compensates on the extremely low noise levels it produces. The low noise meets OSHA noise level standard of 29 CFR.

Another advantage is that this mobile oil pump system consumes air about 60% lower. This means it takes low energy to work. That also means there is less cost to pay in the end of the month.

Dispensing at 3.2 GPM and 6 GPM with meter with the maximum working pressure of 145 psi, this oil pump system is hard to resist. It comes in two choices: oil pump system for 16 gallon drums and oil pump system for 55 gallon drums.

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