Sunday, December 5, 2010

ORION® Heavy Duty Open Hose Reels

Another Orion product besides the oil meters that complements the use of its oil pumps is the Orion heavy duty open hose reels. The hose reels are designed to be able to handle oil or air. The use of one of these hose reels will help increase the safety as well as the efficiency at the workplace.

This hose reel's design consists of heavy duty springs, 4 easy glides and rugged 8-gauge sheet metal construction equipped with electrostatic powder coated in blue. It also comes with a hose inlet line (1/2" I.D.) with choices of length of 30' and 50'.

Buy one Orion hose reel to install on the walls, ceilings or some special frameworks. This will definitely make your work more efficient and safer.

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