Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oriona 3:1 Oil Drum Pumps and Stub Pumps

Another oil pump product from Oriona is 3:1 oil drum pumps and oil stub pumps. The difference with Oriona 1:1 drum pumps is that the 3:1 model is capable to handle connection into drums, bulk tanks and piped systems up to 300 feet; while the 1:1 model manages short distances (up to 30 feet).

Oriona 3:1 delivers 5.8 gallon per minute free flow oil with extremely low noise levels and with low air consumption. It operates at 28-145 psi.

Purchasing this pump (either the drum pump or the stub pump) will reward you with ¼ inch air inlet, ¾ inch oil outlet, 2" bung adapter and a pressure relief valve to prevent damage to meters.

You can also buy it in packages, which include the pump itself, 18 ft hose and digital oil meter.

For the prices, click here for Oriona 3:1 oil drum pump package and here for Oriona 3:1 oil stub pump package.

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  1. Just bought this pump for our company... Works great ...Will buy from BayTec Containers again.


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