Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuthill® Portable 12V Cast Iron Rotary Vane Pump

A portable oil pump beside Tuthill Portable 12V Brass Gear pump that we discussed yesterday is Tuthill portable 12V cast iron rotary vane pump.

This pump is best to use with diesel fuel and anti-freeze content. None of the fluids stored should have a flash point of 100° F or less. It also operates well at the temperatures of 0° F minimum or 100° F maximum.

A self priming pump, it is able to dispense up to 10 gallon per minute. The pump is also equipped with two ¾" x 8" PVC hoses, plastic nozzle with ¾" barb, 1/5 HP/20 amp motor with ON/OFF switch, battery cable with clamps and fuse (12V – 30 amp), 12 psi internal bypass valve and built in strainer.

However, the pump has a duty cycle limit per 30 minutes. So it is not for continuous operations.

Check out more of this pump here

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