Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anti Static Scoops and Scrapers

If you think that spill cleanup that ever takes place at your workplace will be more of a small scale one, you will likely need these anti static scoops and scrapers. These REMCO handy tools contain anti-static agent that helps reduce static charge. They are made of polypropylene that is highly durable and that resists dents and cracking as it will never corrode or rust.

The scoops and scrapers are designed with smooth edges so that cleanup work can be done safely on delicate surfaces. The scoops have a hole for easy storing organization while the scrapers have a thumb indentation on the handle that would make a comfortable grip.

There is also glass-reinforced nylon on high temperature scrapers to ensure extra strength and heat resistance (withstands up to 465° F).

Choices come in different sizes:

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