Monday, January 31, 2011

Cease-Fire Drum and Pail Covers

Safety first! Especially when you are storing something hazardous or flammable, you will want to put the safety concern above anything else. That is why this Cease-Fire Drum and Pail covers are created. The covers are designed to perform a special reverse baffle where it directs smokes and gases down and across the opening. If there is any flame, it won't last more than a few seconds! This is including those caused by matches and cigarettes.

The Cease-Fire drum and pail covers are FM approved and best to use with your steel drum or pail. It's a simple one-piece construction with no moving parts, so don't fear that it will break or ever wear out.


There are basically two coat finishes that you can choose from these covers: brushed aluminum or steel. The steel cover has red powder coated finish. The covers are also available for different sizes, from 4 gallon to 55 gallon. Here is the complete links to each cover based on the sizes and makes.

Not sure which one to take? Just drop us a call (888-460-3786) and we'll be happy to assist you. 

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