Friday, January 28, 2011

Disposable Latex Gloves

In some applications, one might want to have a pair of disposable gloves rather than the normal reusable latex gloves. For one made of latex, we have these 5-mil thick disposable latex gloves.

The gloves are industrial grade, specially designed to handle food processing applications safely. The disposable latex gloves are ambidextrous and offer great dexterity in terms of handling chemical substance. They come in 3 different sizes; namely medium, large and extra large, and come with a handy dispenser box consisting of 100 gloves.

You don’t want disposable latex gloves? Try these Ansell Latex Gloves. They offer 17-mil thick latex gloves.

You can also choose these Ansell Disposable Nitrile Gloves – if you want practicality and just dispose away your gloves after each use – or more permanent nitrile gloves like Nitrile Chemical Safety Gloves – 18-mil nitrile gloves.

There are also Ansell Nitrile Sol-Vex gloves, which ensure longevity with its Sol-Vex material that could prevent swelling, weakening or degrading. 

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