Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dome Drum Covers

Forget the conventional round drum covers and go for more colorful and radical ones. If you like the idea, these dome drum covers might be the ones best for your drums.

If you have 30 gallon open-head drums, these dome drum covers could be the perfect fit for you! With 20 gauge steel construction and self-closing "PUSH" door, the cover is fire safe and self-extinguishing when used on a steel drum. The covers are coated with UV stabilized powder finish and securely thumbscrewed on top of the drum.
Available in the colors of Black (BK), Empire Green (EG) and Brown (BR).

Then we also have dome covers for 55 gallon open-head drums. Similar features with the above 30 gallon drum covers, with the only difference in the colors of choice: Black (BK), Red(R) and Empire Green (EG).

This one looks rather different. The cover with the self-closing door is made of molded polyethylene which guarantees strength that it won't crack, dent or rust. The self-closing door keeps the odor in but vermin out on a 55 gallon open-head drum. Available in the colors of Black (BK), Blue (BL), Red (R) and Gray (GY).

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