Friday, January 7, 2011

Drum Tourniquet

Here is something that all forklift trucks need: Drum Tourniquet. It stops leaks fast from punctured or ruptured drums with no tools needed. All a forklift operator needs to do is just to get the stainless steel Tourniquet from its storage bag and attaches it to the leak.

With a large, thick sealing pad and closed-cell foam covered with chemical-resistant EPDM, the tourniquet fills the cracks of the puncture and instantly blocks and seals the leak. This automatically minimizes cleanup cost and save valuable material.

There are two types of drum tourniquets that we offer: magnetic tourniquet and universal tourniquet. The magnetic tourniquet has 2 super powerful non-sparking permanent magnets which are able to hold tightly to steel drums; while universal tourniquet has the magnets plus a nylon ratchet tightening strap. The latter is to use with all drums: steel, plastic and fiber.

In addition, you might need a storage bag to contain your tourniquet. It is made of vinyl with Velcro closure. The bag is designed to easily mount to forklift with included elastic cords.

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