Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exair Chip Vac System

Now for solid material spills in the form of metal, plastic or wood chips, you might want to use this Exair chip vac system. It is definitely faster than the normal scoops and scrapers as it picks up dry or wet chips and transport them directly into your 55-gallon drum and it will have no moving parts that will wear out!

The chip vac system is air operated. As it works, it creates cyclonic action that vacuums all kinds of chips, whether they are wet or dry, into the 55-gallon container. There is a 0.1 micron filter bag that traps dusty materials like absorbents and this will ensure the surrounding air clean.

If you buy the Standard Exair chip vac system, you will get:
  1. Chip VacTM  
  2. Lever lock drum lid
  3. Shutoff valve
  4. Filter bag
  5. 10' chemical resistant hose
  6. Chip wand
  7. Extensions
  8. Crevice tool
  9. Brush
  10. Skimmer tool
  11. Floor tool

Or choose the Deluxe Exair chip vac system which includes all that plus a drum dolly for flexibility. 

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