Monday, January 17, 2011

Galvanized Steel Drum Covers

Steel drums need to be covered so that the items stored inside are protected from outer elements. Obviously this is not a problem if you have a closed-head steel drum. But when you choose to have open-head steel drums or tight-head drums, you will most likely need these Galvanized Steel Drum Covers to provide more protection to your stored items. Constructed from galvanized steel, the drum cover resists rust and stays unaffected from rain, snow, ice or sunlight. If stored inside, the cover prevents dust and dirt to ever get inside the drum.

  • Galvanized steel drum covers for 55 gallon tight-head drums
    The galvanized steel drum covers are designed to fit the top of the tight-head drum. It's a one-piece 26-gauge galvanized steel construction that has 1.5" beaded rim with no sharp edges that make it safe to handle.
    Price: $12.95
  • Galvanized steel drum covers for 55 gallon open-head drumsFor the 55 gallon open-head drums, the original cover and bolt ring that come with the drum are removed; and the galvanized steel drum cover replaces it to provide more protection.
    Price: $11.95
  • Galvanized steel recycling lid
    ne of the best ways to promote environment awareness is by applying it in everyday's life; whether it is at home or at work. Using this galvanized steel recycling lid made of collected aluminum cans and plastic bottles is a great way to start the good intention. The recycled lid is designed to be independently covering your drum with nothing to attach it on. So you will not need any tool to cover your drum with this lid.
    Price: $19.95
  • 24 gauge galvanized steel drum cover with handleThere are also galvanized steel drum covers with handle for easy cover removal. Intended to fit open-head steel drums, the cover is rust resistant and the handle enables you to transform your 55 gallon open-head drums into storage or waste containers.
    Price: $30.95
  • 26 gauge galvanized steel drum cover with handleThe 26 gauge galvanized steel drum cover with handle fits both open-head steel drums and open-head plastic drums. It has a rolled steel shaped handle and 2" beaded rim with no sharp edges that makes it safe to handle. If you want to convert your drums into trash containers, you might also need these trash can liners to cover the inside of the drums.
    Price: $17.95

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