Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heavy Duty Plastic Drum Covers

You have read about the galvanized steel drum covers and the colorful rugged and durable drum covers. Now it is the turn of the heavy duty plastic drum covers to get discussed here.

polyethylene seamless drum  cover
Looking neat with its seamless design, the drum covers are made of heavy duty polyethylene that complies with the FDA regulations. The covers fit for any type of drums, including the steel drums, plastic drums and fiber drums. Use the covers on tight-head drums or open-head drums after removing the original drum cover.
These plastic drum covers are totally flat across the top. They have a 1.5" protective flange with a loose-fitting design.

The polyethylene seamless drum covers are available for 30 gallon drums and 55 gallon drums. Another interesting choice in this very same category is the recycling lid, which has a slightly different design but the same toughness as the other two. Fitting best to 55 gallon drums, the recycling lid has a 7" diameter hole that allows aluminum cans and plastic drinking bottles to pass through. It also doesn't need any complicated installation before use.

recycling lid
Aren't they awesome? Learn more about them here and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our representatives. We will be more than happy to deliver more information should you need it.

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