Saturday, January 8, 2011

Instant Repair Kit in a Tube – Epoxy Putty

Epoxy putty is probably the handiest and the most instant repair kit for your pails and drums. Packed in a 4 oz. tube, the putty seals leaks and patches cracks quickly. All you need to do is to twist or cut off the amount needed, mix it in your hand for one minute and apply it to the cracks or leaks. It will stick like there was no crack before. After an hour, it is as hard as steel and can even be drilled, sawed or sanded.

This instant repair kit works on metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics and many types of plastics. It also meets the NSF 61 and USDA Compliant. The epoxy putty has two parts that combine resin with activator in a 7" stick tube.

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