Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plug n' Dike

When a leak is free flowing and immediate sealing needs to be performed, the Plug N' Dike products could be a quick answer to the emergency. Made of unique polymer and mineral, the Plug n' Dike non toxic material seals leaks instantly. It forms a tight temporary seal immediately and is good to use against fuels and chemicals. What more? It even sticks to dirty, rusty or greasy surfaces! So if it fits perfectly for emergency situations as you don't need to do the normal surface cleaning before applying it!

Plug n' Dike plugs up to 2' – 3' pressure head. However, it is not recommended for use with acids, caustics or oxidizers.

Below are the different types of Plug n' Dike:
  • Dry Granular. Storing indefinitely, dry granular forms temporary berms and dikes. It can also be kneaded with water to make a plug. Perfect for leak containment. Comes in 10 lb jar and 48 lb. jar.
  • Premix. This is a ready use Plug n' Dike. All you need to do is open the 4 lb. tub and apply it right to the leak.
  • Puck. A plug contained in a 10 oz. tub, perfect for spill response kits.
  • Drain Cover. This one is a reusable polyethylene cover with Plug n' Dike edge-sealing strips. The edge sealing strips are designed to be easily replaceable.
  • Plug Rug. Plug rug is a fabric-reinforced pad. Use it by laying it over drains, storm sewers or pipe runs to prevent spills from entering. It is especially awesome for plugging large holes in containers. Plug rug comes in a package of 8" x 8" (4 in a box), 16" x 16" (4 in a box), 24" x 16" (4 in a box), and also 24" x 16" with only 2 items in a box. 

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