Monday, January 24, 2011

Polyethylene Drum Covers

Then there are these polyethylene drum covers, which are designed to for 55 gallon steel drums either open head or tight head. They are weather resistant and strong enough to withstand moderate stacking.

clear polyethylene drum cover
The drum covers are inexpensive and functional to their value. Made of vacuum-formed .040" low-density polyethylene, the covers resist most chemicals. They also close tightly on chime of tight-head 55 gallon steel drums and on locking ring of open-head ones.

You have two kinds of different polyethylene drum covers to choose from. First one is based on the color. You have black covers and clear covers. Each has its own advantage. Black covers resist ultraviolet while clear ones allow reading of drum labels without having to remove the cover. To know which is suitable for you is obviously by knowing which advantage that you intend to take and what type of steel drums you have at your workplace. If you store your drums inside, you don't need to protect them from UV so clear covers will do best for them. But if the drums are placed outside, you should take the black covers.

Here are the links to the right polyethylene drum covers of your choice:

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