Sunday, January 23, 2011

Premium Reusable Drum Covers

The following drum covers fit tightly on steel drums. They are reusable and they protect the stored items in the drum from severe weather. Why so? Because these drum covers stay flexible at -50° F and still hold their shape at 275° F! They are also made of FDA compliant material that makes them safe to protect food-related items.

These covers are Drum Pal covers. They are said to be the best protective drum covers as they are made of LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). LLDPE is highly resistant to cut and tear as well as ultraviolet light and most chemicals. After one use, you can reuse the covers on other drums about dozen times more. They also have an absolute strength that they can handle stack pallets of filled drums without making any damage to the cover.

Most of these drum covers are good for 55 gallon tight-head or open-head steel drums, but if you need one for 30 gallon steel drums, you can file a special order with us. Check out these drum covers especially made for these 55 gallon steel drums:

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