Monday, January 10, 2011

REMCO Polypropylene Safety Shovels

For solid spills, you may need these REMCO Polypropylene Safety Shovels. They have anti static agent on the plastic that reduces static charge, which is perfect for the cleanup of hazmat spill.

These shovels are lightweight, tough and durable. Since they are made of plastic, they won't rust, dent or corrode.

There are basically two kinds of REMCO polypropylene safety shovels: pan handle shovels and two-piece shovels. The first shovels have 8" long one-piece handle for use in cramped areas or on benchtops. While the two-piece shovels have "D" grip handle. They are easily disassembled for nice storage.

The two-piece shovels have these different measurements to choose from:

To get an advice on which safety shovels fit your need, contact our representatives at or call to 888-460-3786.

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