Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reusable Drum Leak Patch

Got a leak on your drum and you need to seal it right away before creating more chaos? This reusable drum leak patch will be highly versatile to mend the problem temporarily.

The patch seals leaks quickly on 55 gallon drum handling a quite large patch area. Not only is it easy to use, the polyurethane patch blocks leaks from any kinds of drum (steel, plastic or fiber). It is soft but tough, resisting oils and most chemicals. The patch area is 7" x 5" – large enough to cover most leaks and it is equipped with a strong nylon belt with ratchet-type tightening buckle that keeps it tight.

The best feature is it is reusable as it can be cleaned easily with just soap and water.

The patch is definitely a must-have in your workplace. Check it out here

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