Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spill Response Squeegees

When cleaning liquid spills, you need to control the flow of the liquid so that it is easier to contain. These REMCO spill response squeegees are perfect for that.

Designed to control and direct liquid spills, these polyethylene squeegees are ideal to handle hazardous material cleanup. With the liquid easily directed towards the absorbents or spill control dikes, the cleanup job will turn out to be hardly a difficult one.

The squeegees are made of tough high-density polyethylene and flexible low-density polyethylene for the blade. The blade functions as fast and efficient cleaning tool with its curve model. There is also detachable fiberglass handle that threads on and off quickly for cleaning and storage. With the built-in hook eye on the handle, the squeegees are also very convenient to store.

These squeegees are differentiated by the handle types, namely the bench handle and the floor handle. Then each is divided into a few more categories based on the sizes.

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