Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two-Way Liquid Vacuum Pump System

Another effective spill response is this two-way liquid vacuum pump system. It works for recovering coolant, chips, liquid and sludge spills by vacuuming these non-flammable items up to 40 gallon per minute while pumping up to 30 GPM. With such power, the vacuum pump system is able to fill or empty a 55-gallon drum in just 1.5 minute!

 You have three options to choose from if you are interested to buy this great vacuum and pump system as described below:
·         Two-way pump system
This system works with any tight head steel drums with 2" bung opening. It has a control knob which enables the operator to switch between pumping or vacuuming operation. There is also an automatic shut off valve so overfilling will never happen. The system is constructed from stainless steel/PVC and includes 10' polyethylene flexible hose, 90° elbow for attaching hose and an aluminum wand.
Price: $449.95
·         Spill recovery kit
Spill recovery kit is directed more to the purpose of removing liquids from the floors. This kit includes a 14" double blade squeegee tool and a strong one-piece 54" ABS wand.
Price: $109.95
·         Deluxe two-way pump system
Deluxe two-way pump system has both two-way system and spill recovery kit above. Other additions include a skimmer tool, floor tool, crevice tool, two extension wands, and a drum dolly.
Price: $679.95
This two-way vacuum pump system is obviously highly versatile in your workplace. The question you need to ask yourself is which of those three fits the item you are storing. If any confusion arises, don't hesitate to contact our representative at to get free consultation and recommendation on the best spill response tools you need. 

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