Friday, December 31, 2010

Ultra Pop-Up Pools for Spills and Leaks

When spilling happens from a higher ground (from a vehicle etc) this ultra pop-up-pool can help contain the spill and leak quickly, thus it limits the environmental damage from your leaking containers.

The pop up pool folds compactly and conveniently for storage. When needed, it expands instantly. Made of puncture-and-tear-resistant polyethylene, the ultra pop up pool is best to contain leaking diesel fuel or hydraulic fluids. It is also ideal to contain leaking drums or buckets or to collect used sorbents or as decontamination pool.

There are two types of this ultra pop up pools: Sprung Steel Pool and Economy Pool. Each contains spilled liquids as much as 20 gallon, 66 gallon, 100 gallon and 150 gallon. The difference between the sprung steel pool and the economy pool is that the sprung steel pool is a ready-to-use pool with no assembly needed. It is equipped with 10-mil polyethylene liner on the frame so that it expands instantly when removed from its storage bag. Economy pool on the other hand is stored in a compact roll. It may need a cab-mount container so that it saves space inside the cab. This container stores economy pool outside the truck cab. The cab-mount container is made of weather-resistant and padlockable polyethylene.

Which one do you need for your business? Consult our representative for the best ultra pop up pools for spills and leaks at your workspace. 

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