Friday, January 14, 2011

Ultra TrackPans for Railcar Spill Containment

At industrial rail sidings, we can expect spilling to occur frequently. To contain the spill as well as to maintain the facilities, you will most likely need Ultra TrackPans for Railcar Spill Containment.

Constructed of all-polyethylene material, the trackpans are rugged and capable of withstanding harsh chemicals. They are designed modular as to let below-grade piping be installed to channel large spills. These are also strong and great to withstand temperatures from -40°F to 140°F.

The 9' TrackPan system is available to purchase with or without cover. But you will most definitely get two center-pan and four side-pan of 4.5' sections, which are connected "end to end" with bulkhead fittings. This will allow spills to flow from one pan to the others where the 9' system will capture up to 160 gallons of fluid. You are also entitled to get gaskets, hardware and grates. Grates give firm support for foot traffic and vehicular traffic and the gaskets prevent spills from falling between rails and trackpans..  

Another benefit that you can obtain from these ultra trackpans is that all surfaces resist slips even when they are wet or oily. If you add a polyethylene cover, it will keep rainwater out of the pans and thus serves an effective storm water management. These covers are to be removed when railcars arrive for loading or unloading.

Check out more of these Ultra Track Pans without covers here and with covers here

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