Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crews Economy Chemical Goggles

For an all-around protection for your eyes, the Crews economy chemical goggles could be a great choice. Made of lightweight PVC frame with clear .060mm thick polycarbonate lens, the goggles provide a wide-unobstructed field of vision for the wearer. They are also perfect to wear with most half-mask respirators. With lenses coated with scratch-resistant Duramass, the goggles will last clear for so long. When worn outside, the 99.9% UV protection will protect the wearer's eyes.

These economy chemical goggles are snuggly fit even when you are wearing prescription glasses underneath. The gel nose piece allows adjustable temples and therefore gives comfort for a long wear.

Featuring indirect venting for protection against chemical splash, these goggles with the latex-free rubber adjustable headband will be a great choice for your business. Go to this link to find out more.

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