Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crews Klondike Safety Glasses

Our safety glasses feature such designs that provide protection to eyes, style and comfort. We discussed about the Crews Blackjack Safety Glasses and the Crews Storm Safety Glasses before. Both have great features but they have slightly different styles. It goes the same with the Crews Klondike Safety Glasses we are about to talk about now. Check out the difference in design with the other previous two.

With matte black plastic frame and 11 degree base curve lens, the safety glasses are perfect for those who appreciate sleekness and cosmopolitanism.

The Klondike model has more or less the same safety and comfort features with its two other counterparts:
  • Comfort: lightweight, comfortable fit, adjustable temples and gel nose piece
  • Safety: clear scratch resistant lens with 99.9% UV protection, meeting ANSIZ87 + 2003 safety standard

So, are these Klondike model for you? If not, better check the other safety glasses here

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