Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Electronic Digital Flow Meters

So far, we have talked about various kinds of flow meters. There are manual flow meters, mechanical flow meters and electronic flow meters. The latter was discussed in the recent blog post featuring Zee Line as the manufacturer. This time we are going to reveal more electronic digital flow meters.

You can choose this simple and inexpensive electronic digital flow meter. With body made of tough, glass-filled polypropylene and PPS chamber, this flow meter handles most liquids and can be calibrated in pints, quarts, liters US gallons or Imperial gallons. It is also highly accurate at 2% at the point of calibration.

There are three simple buttons to control the operation. It is also easy to clean and service. The two 1" NPT female inlet/outlet ports are to the advantage of the installation flexibility. This battery-powered (AA) flow meter works over a wide flow range of 2-20 GPM up to 100 psi, with minimum operating temperature 0° F and maximum 130° F.

Dependable electronic digital flow meter

If you choose these flow meters, that means you want something that is highly dependable and flexible. With easy-to-read and accurate LCD display that shows 6-digit floating decimal, the electronic digital flow meter is hard to resist. Using only 2 lithium cell batteries with 9,000 hours of life, the meters come in 3 different models: aluminum, nylon and stainless rotor construction. Aluminum flow meter has nylon rotor as well, so it is perfect for petroleum products; while nylon flow meter has nylon rotor for water or non-aggressive chemicals. Stainless rotor, on the other hand, has PVDF rotor addressed for aggressive chemicals compatible with stainless steel.

Check out this list of the models with different flow rates:

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