Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heavy Duty Four-Tier Drum Dollies

Do you have drums and pails of different sizes at your work place that you need to move every now and then? Could they be really heavy that you need a super strong dolly to support it? Then you will most likely need these Heavy Duty Four-Tier Drum dollies - all size heavy duty dollies.

The Four-Tier drum dollies can contain up to 4 different size containers. Made of heavy duty construction, they give maximum support to the heaviest drum out there. Choose between a 900-lb-capacity dolly with rubber wheels and a super heavy duty 1200 lb capacity with cast iron wheels. The latter is able to support propane gas tanks, 30 gallon plastic drums, 55 gallon barrels and even the metal or plastic 5 gallon buckets. Too heavy to move the drum and the dolly? The Four-Tier Drum dolly has a nylon strap for a convenient pulling when the drum is full.

So, would you buy 4 different dollies for your different drums and pails? Or would you just purchase this one heavy duty Four-Tier drum dolly to be used with all containers?

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