Monday, February 21, 2011

Heavy-Duty Platform Truck

So you read our blog on the steel platform truck and are interested in having one. But you need a platform truck that is able to handle at least 2000 lbs. If it is so, you should read on since we are now talking about Heavy-Duty Platform Truck!

The said platform truck is constructed of a deck made of 12-gauge formed steel, which is welded to a sturdy angle sub-frame. This makes it possible for you to carry up to 3600 lbs and transport the goods to the destined place.

The platform truck comes with 2 swivels and 2 rigid casters with choices of mold-on rubber wheels or non-marking wheels with or without brakes. There is also a removable pipe handle with cross braces to ensure extra durability of this heavy duty platform truck.

Variations come in the sizes of the deck, which are listed below.

Confused as to which platform truck is best suitable for you? Contact our office at 888-460-3786.

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