Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kevlar Protection Sleeves

Hand protection could stretch to arm protection if the nature of your job demands it. Therefore, these Memphis Kevlar Protection Sleeves could be useful for that purpose.

Made of 100% Dupont Kevlar fiber, these protection sleeves resist cut as well as heat (no melting), ignition and electricity conduction. The fiber also provides high tensile strength, which is up to 5 times stronger than steel.

These 18" Kevlar sleeves are best to wear with the perfect Tuff-Knit Kevlar gloves for maximum protection for your hands and arms. Priced at $65.95 for the sleeves and $77.95 for the gloves, the duo will provide perfect shield and thus prevent you from a more costly health fee if something happens in absence of these two types of protection.

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