Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perfect Tuff-Knit Kevlar Gloves, For Men and Women

Have you ever heard about Kevlar? It is a very strong fiber material that is used in bullet proof vests. On an equal weight, Kevlar is even 5 times stronger than steel! Read more about Kevlar here. Now imagine this Kevlar material on gloves. The result is the very strong Kevlar gloves that protect hands from cuts, heats and fire.

The gloves we are talking about here are made of 100% Kevlar fiber designed ambidextrously to withstand temperatures up to 900° F without breaking down. It will not support a flame either.

Another model features double-sided blue block coating that is intended for more gripping power and reinforced thumb crotch. These provide excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance.

Both models are available both for men and for women. Following is the complete list.

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