Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Remove Water from Your Drum Tops with Drum-Wic

Storing steel drums outside can be hard sometimes. They have to be absolutely durable against harsh weather. As much as you are convinced that your steel drums are strong and can withstand changing climate, it is a great idea to perform prevention to rust on your steel drum. That way you will as well prevent contamination to ever come into contact with your product.

That's why you need Drum-Wic!!!

Drum-Wic is a clip-on water remover from your drum top. It works simply by attaching the non-woven felt to your steel drum top and it will absorb 80 ounces of water per hour. The Drum-Wic clips tightly to the 55-gallon drum so no wind can blow it off.

There is no reason you shouldn't buy Drum-Wic. Not only does it remove water from your drum tops and therefore saves your drums from getting corrosion, it is also economical in the long run as it's reusable. Ideally one drum top will need two of these Drum Wics. Available for tight-head drums, open-head drums, and for both tight-head and open-head drums.

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