Monday, February 28, 2011

Stainless Steel Drum Dollies for Steel Drums with Bottom Rim

You have steel drums with bottom rim or chime? Then you might need these stainless steel dollies made especially for steel drums with bottom rim/chime. The T-304 stainless steel constructed the dolly makes it durable and rust proof, suitable for working environment where cleanliness is top priority.

The dollies have 3" zinc-plated swivel casters which are positioned beyond the outer diameter of the drum to increase stability. These casters are bolted to the dolly for easy maintenance. The best use of this stainless steel drum dolly is with steel drums with rim. Rimless drums or plastic drums attached to this dolly won't make as good companion as the steel drums with rim. In fact, it is not recommended for use with those drums.

The following lists the choices you can find with this type of stainless steel dolly:
·         For 55 gallon drums; load capacity: 800 lb
·         For 85 gallon drums; load capacity: 800 lb
·         For 110 gallon drums, load capacity: 1000 lb

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