Friday, February 25, 2011

Uvex Genesis Safety Glasses

In the last line of the safety glasses list, we have Uvex Genesis Safety Glasses. These are the glasses you want when you need them worn by different people with different types of facial features. The safety glasses are designed to fit anyone's face and to be comfortably worn as they are providing protection for the eyes.

So why should you choose Uvex Genesis Safety Glasses?

These are safety glasses, of course they have to deliver safety performance. Only with Uvex Genesis glasses, you can be rest assured that these offer the maximum safety, as confirmed by some certifications they have achieved. Uvex Genesis glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 for high impact protection, military V0 ballistic impact test and CSA Z94.3 standard.

The safety glasses are made to provide maximum comfort for different types of wearer. Everyone has different types of face; therefore Uvex Genesis safety glasses have flexible nose fingers to conform most nose bridges, adjustable temples to fit the glasses snuggly to any type of face and the soft elastomer brow guard to increase comfort at all contact points. The wrap-around lens will also give you peripheral vision with no tendency of it getting scratches, thanks to Ultradura hardcoat.

Only $56.95 per pair and easy lens replacement system. Never waste the frame if you only need to change the lens!

Lifetime frame guarantee
Supports the above economical reason.


So what's the wait for? Contact us to place an order for these Uvex Genesis safety glasses.
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