Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Remove Odors and Stains from Food Containers

Alright, so you have food grade plastic buckets or containers that you once used to store food or brine it in. You would like to use the same container to store other types of food, but you can't get rid of the smell or the stain that stays there. What should you do? Throw the container away?

No, that should be the last thing you should ever do. The best thing is to reuse any plastic containers you have as long as they can still be reused.

Now, to get rid of the persistent odors and stains in your buckets read the following steps carefully and apply them to your containers.

1.       Wash the container with dish soap water solution and rinse it well.
2.       Fill the container with warm water and pour a cup of baking soda. Mix the solution.
3.       Close the container with the lid and place it outside under the sun for several days.
4.       Empty the container and rinse it.
5.       Make a solution containing 1 cup of bleach and 5 gallons of water. It is important that you use bleach that doesn't have added scent. Don't mix it with ammonia either.
6.       Pour the solution in the container, close the lid and leave it in the sun for several days again.
7.       Rinse and wash the container with the dishwashing liquid.
8.       Air dry it.

Now you can reuse the plastic container.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fend-All Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Device

According to ANSI Z358.1-2004, the first treatment to an injured eye is to wash it for the whole 15 minutes with clean uncontaminated water at constant but low pressure. You can use the Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash like we discussed a while ago or you can choose this Fend-All Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Device. With more added values on reliability, this system delivers purified, contaminant-free and physiologically correct Eyesaline solution from factory-sealed cartridges. It features fluid balancing system that ensures constant fluid flow rate and stream height for the whole 15 minutes as the eyes are being flushed.

The cartridges last up to two years, which make them 4 times longer than the normal primary self-contained eyewash devices. Also featuring portability, the unit can be mounted on a wall, mobile cart or mobile stand. We also have the cartridge sets sold separately here so you don't have to replace the whole unit in case you need to have it refilled.

Visit this link to have more info on prices. To know whether you should be taking the Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash device or Porta Stream II Eyewash, call us to get recommendation on what's best for you. 888-460-3786.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Overpack Drum Dolly with Polyolefin Swivel Casters

This overpack drum dolly is simple but able to carry heavy drum. Transporting either steel or plastic overpack drum up to 850 lb capacity, the dolly is perfect for your overpack drums.

The dolly is made of polyethylene and there are five 3" polyolefin swivel casters that enable easy maneuvering. The pan is designed closed, which helps catch drips and spills.

With inside diameter of 29 ¼" and height 6 ½", this dolly is great for its money value at $84.99 each.

Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Choose Plastic Containers Best for Brining

Do you do brining?

Brining is a method of preserving vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with water saturated with salt. Depending on the type of food being preserved, different types of containers are used to contain the brined food.

Basically you will need a non-reactive container to be able to brine. It could be made from plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramic or anodized aluminum. The most popular choice is plastic container, given that it is the type of container that comes in various sizes. For instance, it is not easy to find a glass container that holds a large turkey and soak it wholly with brine.

However, there is still a process that you need to go through before deciding on a plastic container that you will do the brining with. Since this is food matter, the number one rule that you must have is to choose an FDA-approved plastic container. This means it has to be food grade. The US Food and Drug Administration has a clear standard which plastic containers are best for food, which are best for pharmaceutical item, and which can be used for anything else. Food grade plastic doesn't contain harmful plastic that can leach the substance to the food we are brining.

When you have used the food grade plastic container for brining, do not use the container to store anything else but food if you intend to reuse it for brining again in the future. Once you store other materials in food grade containers, they will no longer be food grade anymore.

Check our plastic container shopping guide blog post for more information on the types of plastic. That blog post will help you decide which is the most suitable for brining and which are not.

Bay Tec has a wide selection of plastic containers, food grade or non-food grade. Check them out here. If you ever get overwhelmed with the vast choices, call us for recommendation at 888-460-3786.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rubbermaid Rust-Proof Plastic Drum Dolly

If you live in an area that is prone to corrosion (near the sea, for example), you might want to have more rust-proof things around you. Especially if it is something that you use on daily basis. If this is the condition that you have in your work place, you might want to take a look at the Rubbermaid Rust-Proof Plastic Drum Dolly.

Rubbermaid rust-proof plastic drum dolly is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with rugged and seamless design that can handle and transport all types of drums. Whether it is a steel drum that you have, or fiber or plastic, the Rubbermaid dolly can take it. The dolly has no seam or weld or dangerous edges that might harm your drum, or more importantly the thing inside it. The bottom has a high lip, which catches drips and spills. With 5 replacable 3" hard rubber casters attached to this high lip, your drum will receive no-tilt support.

The dolly is perfect for any type of drum up to 55 gallons. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fend-All Porta Stream I Eyewash

Last week we talked about the emergency eyewash that helps soothe injured eyes. Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash is the eyewash product that you should go for when eyes are in contact with moderate to severe irritants. It is useful for the emergency 15-minute wash as recommended by ANSI  Z358.1-2004. But what if you know that the possible irritant that can ever accidentally get into contact with your workers' eyes is actually the mild kind? According to the same national standard, for irritation caused by mild chemicals, a minimum 5-minute eye wash is all it takes to fix the problem. If this is what is most likely to happen in your work place, then you may want to choose Fend-All Porta Stream I Eyewash.

So what is the difference between Fend-All Porta Stream I and II Eyewashes? The main difference is in the amount of time and water needed to rinse the eyes, really. Fend-All Porta Stream I washes irritated eyes for 6 minutes, while Fend-All Porta Stream II 15 minutes. The station looks similar with the simple installation and operation; making it easy to attach anywhere you like without any plumbing needed. To use is simply to pull out the nozzle strap and leave the concentrated water to run and wash irritated eyes as you freely use your hands to keep your eyelids open as you rinse them.

70 oz Eyesaline concentrate comes with the station to be mixed with tap water, providing you with 6 gallons of eyewash. This solution can be bought in refill package after one is completely used.
So is this Fend-All Porta Stream I Eyewash for you?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recycled Plastics: Can They be Used in Food Grade Plastic Containers?

The green movement suggests us to reuse plastic containers as much as possible within the containers' life. It makes pretty much sense for most items that are typically contained in the containers. But more precautions are prescribed for more health sensitive items like foods and pharmaceutical goods. The following is the list of things you need to know about containers and safety regarding them.
  • Plastic can be recycled, though the process of recycling often stops after the first recycle (or a few more recycles). It depends on the type of plastic being recycled and made into what. You can find a bottle of mineral water you drink ends up in a recycling company and comes out new in the form of a child's chair. Some of these recycled plastic stuffs are made into plastic containers, some of which are good for non-food stored items; while some others are dedicated especially for food (typically called food grade containers).
  • According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ideally food grade containers are made from fresh plastic elements. But there is a possibility where food grade containers are actually made from recycled plastic. FDA writes that such recycled plastic should undergo a few examinations, in where complete descriptions regarding the recycling process are to be submitted to them. Some tests are also performed to confirm that any possible contaminants have been removed from the recycled plastic. All these will determine the end product of food grade plastic containers should be fit for what type of foods to be stored, how long the foods can be stored and what temperature they work best. Read more here.

In short, it is useful to see and learn what your containers are made from. If you are storing any other goods but foods and medications, using containers made of recycled plastic would be ideal as you will be contributing in sustaining the environment. But if you intend to use the containers in contact with food, make sure they are food grade and approved by FDA. At least even if they were made of recycled plastic, you can be rest assured that it won't endanger your health.

To know if a container is food grade or not, check this plastic containers shopping guide.

To shop for plastic containers, click here

Friday, March 18, 2011

Types of EZ Stor Plastic Pails and Lids

Have you checked the link that we gave you on EZ Stor Plastic Pails and Lids blog post? If you have, that's awesome. If you haven't, today's blog post is to discuss the types of EZ Stor Plastic Pails and Lids that you can choose from. We will also help you pair the pails and the lids and direct you to the right links. We'll start from the smallest buckets up to the biggest.
The only question left is how big do you want your square pails to be? With the wide range of selections that we have, you should find no problem in getting the square containers that fit your business. However, should you have any question or need recommendation from us, don't hesitate to contact us at 888-460-3786 or email We'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adjustable Dolly

Since containers are not always cylindrical drums or buckets, sometimes you do need a dolly that doesn't have the circle shape. If what you need is a dolly to transport different sizes and shapes of containers, you will definitely want to check out these adjustable dollies! They are not circle, they are easily and conveniently adjustable (thanks to the X-design with single bolt) and they can hold and transport your boxes, kegs, drums, cans and any other irregular containers you have at your work place.

This adjustable dolly could be the one for you. All you need to do is to decide what kind of casters you will want in your dolly (steel or rubber) and how adjustable it should be. Note that the steel casters dolly will be able to hold heavier container than the rubber ones.

See the list of options below for what you can get from a dolly of this variety:

So which one is the best for you? It is all your call to decide. Any doubt, just contact us at 888-460-3786. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EZ Stor Square Plastic Pails and Lids

Plastic buckets come in various shapes and sizes. Some are circle or cylindrical shaped and some square or rectangular. The difference is in the way the pails contain the goods that you want to store. For this, you need to examine the nature of the items you are storing. The typical cylindrical 5 gallon buckets may be good to contain grains or sand. But they won't be as space-saving as the EZ Stor square plastic pails when it comes to storing smaller packaged goods.

Bay Tec offers square plastic pails or buckets in different sizes and dimensions. They come in as small as ½ gallon square pail to as big as 13 gallon. These buckets are so versatile, thanks to its compliance with FDA regulations, that you can use them as both storage containers and food containers.

Lids for these square pails are sold separately, available in tamper evident and tear tab strips. They are also removable and re-closable so when frequent dispensing and refilling are bound to take place, it won't be a problem at all. It will just take a snap to seal, open and reseal the plastic buckets.

These white square plastic pails are mostly equipped with handles to enable easy carrying. If other colors are preferred, we can make it available through special order.

YES, you do want these EZ Stor Plastic Buckets and Lids! Go check them out and take advantage of our competitive quantity pricing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fend-All Porta Stream II Eye Wash

So you have the safety glasses and/or goggles for your workers. Their safety has been taken care of and thought through. Has it? Unfortunately, not completely. Yes, the safety glasses and the safety goggles do prevent them to get their eyes injured from outer elements and particles. But accidents do happen at times. And in case one of them does, we need to be ready with the fix.

Another type of eye protection is Emergency Eye Wash. This eye wash is meant to be the first thing one should look for when he or she hurt the eyes. ANSI Z358.1-2004 rules about the emergency eyewash and shower equipment. There it states that that low pressure "flushing fluid" should be applied to the contact area for at least 15 minutes. Based on this recommendation, Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash is produced. An industry favorite product, Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash provides 15-minute uninterrupted eye flushing. It is preferred by many companies because of its portability and easy mounting.

Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash features simple installation and operation. There is no costly plumbing required as it can be attached and removed easily. There is no complicated operation either for one should only remove the nozzle strap for the flushing to take place. This way the hands can be free to hold the eyelids open and get them rinsed.

The station is self contained and has 16 gallon capacity consisting of 180 oz. Eyesaline concentrate (comes with the station) and tap water. When run to flush, it goes at the speed of 0.4 GPM.

Ensure the safety of your workers to the last important bit and save further health or financial damage from possible accidents with Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash. A refill of the eyesaline concentrate is also available for the economical use of the eyewash.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Heavy Duty Octo Drum Dolly

So you might need that heavy-duty drum dolly with 2000 lb capacity but on the other hand, you need something more out of it. Then it is time to check out this Octo Drum Dolly with 8 cast iron swivel casters.  Not only will you get the heavy duty dolly to transport your heavy goods, but you will also get excellent maneuverability, thanks to its 8 cast iron swivel casters!

This dolly is perfect for the type of work where mobility is extremely high and drums are extraordinarily heavy. Octo drum dolly works best with 55 gallon drums weighing up to 2000 lbs. Its ultra heavy-duty welded steel construction with painted finish holds your heavy drum strongly and its 8-swivel casters move the drum around effectively and efficiently.

Check out the awesome dolly here

For other types of dolly, click one of these past blog posts:
·         Heavy duty steel drum dollies (up to 900 lbs)
·         Heavy Duty four tier drum dollies (up to 1200 lb), taking drums of different sizes
·         Double drum dollies (taking two drums at once)
·         Fairbanks drum dollies
·         PailPal plastic bucket dollies (for buckets/pails)
·         Adjustable pail dollies (for 5 to 7 gallon buckets)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Super Heavy Duty Plastic Drum Dollies

If you want your dollies to have features as following:
-          Heavy duty
-          Non-corrosive (from plastic material)
-          Colorful
-          Able to catch spills and drips from the drums

You may want to consider taking some of these Super Heavy Duty Plastic Drum Dollies! They have all the criteria mentioned above and they are available with large quantity discount!
The plastic dollies are perfect to carry your drums sizing from 15 to 55 gallons and weighing up to 600 lbs. You can also use them to identify which drums carry what, thanks to the different available colors we have. Also, if you are storing liquid and there may be chances of it being spilled out, the dollies are designed with 2.5" high sidewall that prevents it from being wasted or staining the floor. The 4 pieces of polyolefin 3" swivel casters also make it possible for the dollies to maneuver easily.

Are these super heavy duty plastic drum dollies for you? Only you know. Choose between these different dolly sizes below:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heavy Duty Drum Dolly with 2000 lb Capacity

When buying steel drums or drum dollies for heavy materials such as lead steel components, scraps or powder, you might want to consider heavy duty drums and dollies. The higher capacity the drums and the dollies can take, the better. In this case, this Heavy Duty Drum Dolly for 55-gallon drums would come as a great option. Being able to carry and transport 55-gallon drums of 2000 lb capacity, it is the highest capacity steel drum dolly found on the market. Weighing only 57 lbs, the dolly can take up to 2000 lb steel drum with its ultra heavy-duty welded steel frame. To add to its strength, 4 pieces of 4"x2" locking swivel phenolic casters are welded together. You got heavy drums? These are your dollies.

What if you don't need high capacity dolly? Check out our previous blog posts on various types of dollies:
·         Heavy duty steel drum dollies (up to 900 lbs)
·         Heavy Duty four tier drum dollies (up to 1200 lb), taking drums of different sizes
·         Double drum dollies (taking two drums at once)
·         Fairbanks drum dollies
·         PailPal plastic bucket dollies (for buckets/pails)
·         Adjustable pail dollies (for 5 to 7 gallon buckets)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles

Sometimes you need safety glasses, sometimes you need safety goggles. And these Uvex Stealth Safety goggles are perfect to protect your eyes from chemical splash and impact. Constructed with polypropylene frame with comfort seals and curved "anti-fog" lens for superior optics, these Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles successfully meet ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 requirements.

The goggles are comfortable fit for everyone using them, thanks to the soft elastomer seals that conform most facial contours the adjustable head bands. The lens is equipped with AF anti-fog coating with indirect ventilation system channels for a better airflow. This way the lens is clear from fogging and therefore, vision is improved.

The goggles also have low profile design, which make them possible to wear under welding helmets, hard hats and most respirators.

Take a look at these valuable safety goggles here.

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