Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EZ Stor Square Plastic Pails and Lids

Plastic buckets come in various shapes and sizes. Some are circle or cylindrical shaped and some square or rectangular. The difference is in the way the pails contain the goods that you want to store. For this, you need to examine the nature of the items you are storing. The typical cylindrical 5 gallon buckets may be good to contain grains or sand. But they won't be as space-saving as the EZ Stor square plastic pails when it comes to storing smaller packaged goods.

Bay Tec offers square plastic pails or buckets in different sizes and dimensions. They come in as small as ½ gallon square pail to as big as 13 gallon. These buckets are so versatile, thanks to its compliance with FDA regulations, that you can use them as both storage containers and food containers.

Lids for these square pails are sold separately, available in tamper evident and tear tab strips. They are also removable and re-closable so when frequent dispensing and refilling are bound to take place, it won't be a problem at all. It will just take a snap to seal, open and reseal the plastic buckets.

These white square plastic pails are mostly equipped with handles to enable easy carrying. If other colors are preferred, we can make it available through special order.

YES, you do want these EZ Stor Plastic Buckets and Lids! Go check them out and take advantage of our competitive quantity pricing.

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  1. with these you can easily decide what size you need to store the item you wish to. They also help you stay organized and keeps the home less cluttered.


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