Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fend-All Porta Stream I Eyewash

Last week we talked about the emergency eyewash that helps soothe injured eyes. Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash is the eyewash product that you should go for when eyes are in contact with moderate to severe irritants. It is useful for the emergency 15-minute wash as recommended by ANSI  Z358.1-2004. But what if you know that the possible irritant that can ever accidentally get into contact with your workers' eyes is actually the mild kind? According to the same national standard, for irritation caused by mild chemicals, a minimum 5-minute eye wash is all it takes to fix the problem. If this is what is most likely to happen in your work place, then you may want to choose Fend-All Porta Stream I Eyewash.

So what is the difference between Fend-All Porta Stream I and II Eyewashes? The main difference is in the amount of time and water needed to rinse the eyes, really. Fend-All Porta Stream I washes irritated eyes for 6 minutes, while Fend-All Porta Stream II 15 minutes. The station looks similar with the simple installation and operation; making it easy to attach anywhere you like without any plumbing needed. To use is simply to pull out the nozzle strap and leave the concentrated water to run and wash irritated eyes as you freely use your hands to keep your eyelids open as you rinse them.

70 oz Eyesaline concentrate comes with the station to be mixed with tap water, providing you with 6 gallons of eyewash. This solution can be bought in refill package after one is completely used.
So is this Fend-All Porta Stream I Eyewash for you?

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