Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fend-All Porta Stream II Eye Wash

So you have the safety glasses and/or goggles for your workers. Their safety has been taken care of and thought through. Has it? Unfortunately, not completely. Yes, the safety glasses and the safety goggles do prevent them to get their eyes injured from outer elements and particles. But accidents do happen at times. And in case one of them does, we need to be ready with the fix.

Another type of eye protection is Emergency Eye Wash. This eye wash is meant to be the first thing one should look for when he or she hurt the eyes. ANSI Z358.1-2004 rules about the emergency eyewash and shower equipment. There it states that that low pressure "flushing fluid" should be applied to the contact area for at least 15 minutes. Based on this recommendation, Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash is produced. An industry favorite product, Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash provides 15-minute uninterrupted eye flushing. It is preferred by many companies because of its portability and easy mounting.

Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash features simple installation and operation. There is no costly plumbing required as it can be attached and removed easily. There is no complicated operation either for one should only remove the nozzle strap for the flushing to take place. This way the hands can be free to hold the eyelids open and get them rinsed.

The station is self contained and has 16 gallon capacity consisting of 180 oz. Eyesaline concentrate (comes with the station) and tap water. When run to flush, it goes at the speed of 0.4 GPM.

Ensure the safety of your workers to the last important bit and save further health or financial damage from possible accidents with Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash. A refill of the eyesaline concentrate is also available for the economical use of the eyewash.

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