Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fend-All Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Device

According to ANSI Z358.1-2004, the first treatment to an injured eye is to wash it for the whole 15 minutes with clean uncontaminated water at constant but low pressure. You can use the Fend-All Porta Stream II Eyewash like we discussed a while ago or you can choose this Fend-All Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Device. With more added values on reliability, this system delivers purified, contaminant-free and physiologically correct Eyesaline solution from factory-sealed cartridges. It features fluid balancing system that ensures constant fluid flow rate and stream height for the whole 15 minutes as the eyes are being flushed.

The cartridges last up to two years, which make them 4 times longer than the normal primary self-contained eyewash devices. Also featuring portability, the unit can be mounted on a wall, mobile cart or mobile stand. We also have the cartridge sets sold separately here so you don't have to replace the whole unit in case you need to have it refilled.

Visit this link to have more info on prices. To know whether you should be taking the Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash device or Porta Stream II Eyewash, call us to get recommendation on what's best for you. 888-460-3786.

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