Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heavy Duty Drum Dolly with 2000 lb Capacity

When buying steel drums or drum dollies for heavy materials such as lead steel components, scraps or powder, you might want to consider heavy duty drums and dollies. The higher capacity the drums and the dollies can take, the better. In this case, this Heavy Duty Drum Dolly for 55-gallon drums would come as a great option. Being able to carry and transport 55-gallon drums of 2000 lb capacity, it is the highest capacity steel drum dolly found on the market. Weighing only 57 lbs, the dolly can take up to 2000 lb steel drum with its ultra heavy-duty welded steel frame. To add to its strength, 4 pieces of 4"x2" locking swivel phenolic casters are welded together. You got heavy drums? These are your dollies.

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