Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Choose Plastic Containers Best for Brining

Do you do brining?

Brining is a method of preserving vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with water saturated with salt. Depending on the type of food being preserved, different types of containers are used to contain the brined food.

Basically you will need a non-reactive container to be able to brine. It could be made from plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramic or anodized aluminum. The most popular choice is plastic container, given that it is the type of container that comes in various sizes. For instance, it is not easy to find a glass container that holds a large turkey and soak it wholly with brine.

However, there is still a process that you need to go through before deciding on a plastic container that you will do the brining with. Since this is food matter, the number one rule that you must have is to choose an FDA-approved plastic container. This means it has to be food grade. The US Food and Drug Administration has a clear standard which plastic containers are best for food, which are best for pharmaceutical item, and which can be used for anything else. Food grade plastic doesn't contain harmful plastic that can leach the substance to the food we are brining.

When you have used the food grade plastic container for brining, do not use the container to store anything else but food if you intend to reuse it for brining again in the future. Once you store other materials in food grade containers, they will no longer be food grade anymore.

Check our plastic container shopping guide blog post for more information on the types of plastic. That blog post will help you decide which is the most suitable for brining and which are not.

Bay Tec has a wide selection of plastic containers, food grade or non-food grade. Check them out here. If you ever get overwhelmed with the vast choices, call us for recommendation at 888-460-3786.


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