Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 Gallon Square EZStor Bucket and Lid with Handle

2 gallon buckets are good for a number of container ideas. They are perfect for beer homebrewing, winemaking, or simply for storing nails and other smaller garage stuffs.

The 2 gallon square EZStor pail we have here is especially perfect for the beer home brewing or winemaking. Especially when you are still at the experimenting stage, you don't want to use bigger containers in case it doesn't result good. It is also FDA-approved food grade plastic container that you can be rest assured that it won't leak any dangerous substance to the fermented beer.

The 2 gallon square EZStor buckets are white and come with a lid and a handle, making them hygienic and mobile at the same time. Dimension is at 7 ¾" wide, 9 ¾" long and 9 5/8" tall. You can purchase the pail and the lid only at $5.27 for a single bucket buy, or save some money by buying it in packages of 3 cases, 6 cases and 12 cases. Click here for more info or contact our representative (888-460-3786).

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