Monday, April 4, 2011

Drum Inspection and Work Light

Every now and then your drums will need to have a cleaning test performed. If you want all your drums to always be in the mint condition, you need to ensure that it is clean inside and out and put some prevention effort for possible damage or rust.

Cleaning the outside of the drum seems easy. But cleaning the inside could be trickier. This is exactly the area where the parts of the drum are in touch with the materials stored. So be precise and try not to miss a spot that needs thorough cleaning.

In order to be accurate, you will need enough work light to do this type of drum inspection. Choose one of the drum inspection and work lights that fits for you.

An excellent choice will be this drum inspection and work light. It's constructed to be weather resistant and shock resistant so it will manage in case you accidentally drop it or your worker handles it roughly. It is also easy to use. The light will automatically turn on when the cord is pulled and shut off when it's retracted. The fluorescent tube, operating on 120 VAC, 60 Hz, is protected by a shatter-proof and weather resistant butyrate tube shield with a handle and hanging hook on it. It serves high visibility as it's painted in bright yellow. This drum inspection and work light is suitable for checking through a drum with 2" bung opening.

With such a reliable drum inspection and work light, the cleaning test will be done much more easily and conveniently and the cleaning act itself can be performed maximally.

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