Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food Safety in Power Failure

Have you prepared your foods from natural disasters and emergencies? If you haven't, you need to start doing it now. No one knows what tomorrow brings. In case one of these emergencies happens, you will need to be ready with some stored foods and drinks to survive.

Most emergencies normally result to power failure. And this is when things start to get hard. Foods stored in the refrigerator are easily spoiled, water doesn't flow from the tap because the pump is not working, and electric stoves can't be used because there is no electricity to power it up. What should you if you are faced with such condition? Next are some tips.
  • Try not to open the freezer too muchIn fact, if you know that the power failure will be temporary only, don't open it at all. Use your canned foods until the power is back on. Depending on the size of the insulation, foods in the freezer will not likely to be spoilt in fewer than three days. However, if it seems to be a long term power failure, you can use the foods stored in the fridge, but try to minimize opening it too often or too long, so they can be kept nice and cold and fresh for longer time.
  • Stack up your freezer
    id you know that a half full freezer can hold foods safely for the next 24 hours while a full freezer can  hold them twice longer? So stack up your freezer to maximize its function.
  • Measure the food you are about to cook or eat before eating itDon't eat anything that is more than 40°F and has been in that state for more than 2 hours.

In any case, always be ready with non-refrigerated foods; like canned or boxed foods, mineral waters and dry foods that are safely stored in food grade plastic containers with airtight lid. That way you can keep the frozen foods frozen up to the longest time the freezer can manage.


  1. Interesting post. Canned and properly sealed food seem like the best option in this situation. Thanks for the post.


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