Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Make Homemade Soaps

Have you got favorite soap that you use over and over again? Or do you feel that no particular soap in the market ever gets into your interest at all? Well, why not make your own soap with your own personal choice of fragrance? It is very simple to make homemade soaps. And if you have never tried making it before, this could very potentially be your most enticing new hobby! All you need is ¼ lb glycerin soap base and a plastic container.
1.       Firstly of course you need to know the different types of fragrance; which turns you on and which draws you back. Make a note on each scent that you like and how the combination between one scent and another make a great combo.
2.       Once you decide which scent you are going to make, prepare one block of glycerin base and put it inside a plastic container that fits a microwave. Square pail works better than round pail for pouring.
3.       Melt it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Keep an eye on it so as it doesn't reach the boiling point. You just want to melt it, that's all.
4.       Get the container out of the microwave and stir the pieces of the glycerin bar until they are all melted. If they don't melt completely, that's alright too. Just throw the unmelted bar away.
5.       Add about ½ tbs of fragrance of your choice. Add more if desirable.
6.       You can leave the soap like that or mix some color to it. The color is best to be mixed after you are satisfied with the soap scent. If you add it before, the color might not come as you expect it.
7.       Pour the solution into a soap shaping container and let it cool in the freezer. Be sure that you cool it enough to the center of the soap.
8.       Use it.
Very easy, right? This is something that anybody can do, including you! One thing to remember though, once you use the plastic container for making soap, keep it for future use to make soap only. The plastic will take the scent of the soap even after being washed and sanitized. Good luck!

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