Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Using 5 Gallon Buckets as Organic and Non-Organic Trash Bins

Did you know how hard it is to sort through the different kinds of garbage at the landfills? With roughly 195 million tons of garbage produced by Americans every year, there are not enough landfills to take all of them. And why would they all have to go to the landfills if some of them can be recycled or made into compost? If only each person starts sorting through the wastes right when they are about to be tossed out, the waste sorting job will be much easier and a great number of wastes don't even have to go to the landfill at all! Now check out how you can help the environment by simply using 5 gallon buckets.

Have two 5 gallon pails
First of all, you need to have two 5 gallon pails. One is to be put in your garden for a compost container and the other stays in the kitchen or whichever part of the house you want it to be.

Have a pail liner for the non-organic wastes
You want to reuse your 5 gallon buckets. To keep them in their best condition, use a pail liner especially for the non-organic wastes. These economical trash can liners are a great idea. This way it is also easier for you and for the garbage pick up to take it to the landfill.

Throw away the right wastes to the right 5 gallon pails
Any biodegradable wastes like potato peels, apples, used coffee filters etc. should be thrown away to the compost 5 gallon pail. Remember to mix it up with lawn clippings and that it has the right humidity and dampness for the microorganisms to work on the wastes. In the mean time, use the other 5 gallon pail lined with pail liner for the inorganic wastes like plastic wraps, Styrofoam inserts, disposable diapers, paper wastes, etc. These should go to the landfill or the recycling company for them to be recycled.

Pass this useful habit to your kids and friends
Imagine how much you contribute to the environment sustainability when you do it on your own. Imagine how much more you will contribute to it and to the society if you pass this nice habit on to your family and friends. In the long future, we might not have to face landfill shortage problems if everyone is doing it. So pass it on!

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