Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using Plastic Containers as Gift Baskets

Here is a creative idea to use or reuse your plastic containers. Whether it is a round bucket or a square bucket, you can make attractive gift baskets with it! The following describes the tips and tricks in using plastic containers as gift baskets.

Decide the theme of the gifts

First of all you need to decide the theme of the gifts. Who do you want to give the gift to? A teenage girl, a colleague, a son, a housewife, a little child? This will determine the theme of the gifts. For example, if you want to give the gift basket to a teenage girl, you might want to choose pink, girly things. If it is to a man who enjoys automotive, perhaps a set of garage tools. To a colleague, maybe you can fill the container with paper and stationary materials. A little child will be happy with stuffed animals or car toys. So choose based on that and their specific liking.

Pick a container as the basket of the gifts

Choices of containers are abundant. From round 5 gallon buckets to square or rectangle pails, choose whichever fits the theme and the person you want to gift. Colors might have an importance too. A little kid would enjoy bright cheerful colors while a grown up man might want more natural colors like black and white.

Decorate the gift pails accordingly

What about putting some attractive stickers on the gift pails for your 5 year olds? Some ribbons and greeting tags will be appreciated by teenage girls and housewives. Your workmate might want a more minimalistic decoration. So decorate your gift buckets accordingly. Know the person you are giving the gift to and beautify the previously low-profile bucket for them.

So are you having a problem with what to gift to your special someone? Just give him or her a gift basket. There's no need to be fancy or whatsoever. A nice, decent-looking gift basket from plastic containers will make their day regardless. And your thought is what counts!


  1. This is a very creative post. Turning plastic container into a gift basket is one way of reusing materials. In this way we can help eliminate plastic in the environment. Keep it up!

  2. Hello, yes, we think it's a good idea. Thank you for commenting!


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