Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drum Inspection Mighty Light

This drum inspection mighty light is especially useful for drums with tight spaces. The light is designed to be compact but still powerful with its 15 watt fluorescent tube, which is protected by a shatter-proof plastic tube shield.  With choices of different cord styles and lengths, one of these drum inspection mighty lights in your work place will go a long way.

You won't miss this drum inspection mighty light. It's bright yellow in color and easy to locate. It also has a built-in hanging hook which makes it convenient for you to store. If your drum has a 2" bung opening, the light will easily get in as it actually measures 2-1/4".

Equipped with 35" cord reel, ballast and 3-wire pigtail cord from ballast to plug, you can choose whether you want coil cord or straight cord. Coil cord style drum light is available in 13' length cord, while straight cord style is available in two lengths; i.e. 25' and 50'. You can also opt a mighty light with 35' cord reel.

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