Monday, May 30, 2011

Economical Solar Light out of 2 Gallon Bottle

Here is something very interesting that can come out of a water-filled 2 gallon bottle and 2 lids full of water: a solar light. The method is very simple, just fill up a 2 gallon bottle with clean water, 2 lids full of bleach  and a camera film dispenser to protect the lid from the sun, then attach it to the ceiling/roof. No switch needed, and the room - especially the one that has very limited windows for the sunlight to get in - will be lighted at the day time when the sun shines. The electrical light bulb is still needed for night time use, but this method will definitely save a lot of electricity energy (and bills) since you don't need to work the electrical bulb the whole day!

Check out this video.

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