Sunday, May 22, 2011

Economy Glass Jars

If you own a small business that sells products that need to be contained in jars; like marmalade, jams, cookies, cosmetic products and so on, you might want to check this nice deal of Economy Glass Jars. Or do you need simple inexpensive jars to contain your kitchen ingredients? The jars can also be the answer.

These clear jars are a great choice when you need to have your home and office organized. They are especially a better choice for small businesses that require clear jars to contain their products as well as to display what is inside. With a wide opening in each jar, filling the jar will be an easy matter. This type of economy glass jars is available in different sizes; namely:
·         4 oz economy glass jars, in 24 case pack
·         8 oz economy glass jars, in 12 case pack
·         16 oz economy glass jars, in 24 case pack
·         32 oz economy glass jars, in 12 case pack
·         128 oz economy glass jars, in 4 case pack

Not a bad deal at all, aren’t they? If you are interested, you are welcome to contact Bay Tec’s sales representative at 888-460-3786.

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