Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Make Your Own Cat Feeder from 5 Gallon Buckets

Do you have cats at home? Do you sometimes find it hard to find the right, consistent time to feed your cat everyday due to your busy life? Then this trick might help you in a great deal. Have a gravity cat feeder to store dry cat foods in your kitchen. This way your cat will be able to feed himself whenever he needs to eat. Making a cat feeder is an easy and cheap thing to do. All you need is two pieces of 5 gallon buckets and a knife to make the holes in the buckets.

Before we continue, you should note that this cat feeding technique is best for cats that already know how to maintain his own weight. If your cat is prone to overfeeding himself, the free flow cat feeder is obviously not a good idea.

Materials needed:
·         2 pieces of 5 gallon buckets; food grade
·         1 piece of 5 gallon pail lid
·         A knife that's able to cut through heavy duty plastic buckets

  1. We will concentrate on the first bucket. This first bucket is going to be the bucket where the cat is going to get his food. 1 inch from the bottom of the pail, make a rectangle cut with the dimension of 4 x 1 ½ in.
  2. On the second bucket, let's make a circle hole at the bottom of the bucket. The second pail will be placed on top of the first one and this is where you will pour the dry cat food. The food will go through the hole at the bottom to the first pail. Why do we need to have two buckets? Because if you only use one, there is a good chance the food will go all over the floor because of the gravity pressure. The second bucket prevents that to happen.
  3. Place the two buckets on top of each other (the first bucket is under the second one) and make sure they fit perfectly snuggly.
  4. Fill the top bucket with the dry cat food.
  5. Close the lid.

Easy, right? This way you don't have to feed your cat every day. In fact, with the size of the pails, you can probably check the supply of the cat foods only every two months or so. So let's go make a cat feeder from 5 gallon pails!

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